Here We Go

Alright, so I am in semi-panic mode after almost applying for a job as manager of a Wendy’s a few days ago.  My job is ending next month, I don’t have another one, and I am getting this many calls for interviews: 0.  Behind all of this is the persistent, slightly annoying voice that has been haunting me for 20 years saying, “I want to be a writer!”  Shut up, Voice.

Some famous writer once said that you know you’re a writer when the pain of NOT writing is greater than the pain of writing.  I think this is true.  But I apparently like pain a lot, so I have been mostly not writing for these past decades.  Correction, I have mostly been THINKING about writing these past decades.  Because when you’re a writer in your soul, you’re always thinking about writing, or how you should be writing, or how what you’re experiencing in the actual moment would sound if it were later written about.

This Wendy’s Panic that I got into prompted me to apply for my first ever professional writing job.  It pays practically nothing, but I think I got it.  At least, the guy offered me the job, I accepted, and now he won’t respond to me.  Being that I’ve never had a professional writing job, I don’t know if this is normal.  Anyhoo, it’s writing for a sports website (!), which, if you knew me, would make you laugh.  But I do love to hike, as long as the trailhead is within a 30-minute drive of a really good cafe, and not too hilly.  Okay, fine, I like taking walks in the city.  I AM super fascinated by extreme outdoors people (what is WRONG with them?), and I could interview them for this job.  Although, I’ll have to think of more questions than just “What is WRONG with you?”

So that’s what’s happening in my studio today.  I’ve been down here applying for a job, and then setting up my Weebly site (free website, hope it’s good) so I have something to direct people to when I want to look like a schmancy writer.  I also am trying to figure out how to get my few recorded songs up on soundcloud because my brother put his up and wants to hear mine.  Maybe he wants to feel less alone up there, too.  It’s not a complicated process to put your songs up, but apparently my computer won’t recognize my music.  Maybe that’s a bad sign?

I’d like to upload a sample of creative work everyday.  Since I’m so caught up with job hunting I’ve not been creating lately, so I’m going to mine some old stuff.  Here is the invitation I made for my 30th birthday party:

Photo on 2014-09-12 at 01.24That is a fetus at the bottom.  Self portrait.


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