website work

Oh man, what a busy few days. I got word back from the sports website that I’m hired as a freelance writer. I was SO excited when got the email. I haven’t felt so thrilled since the last time I fell in love, which was many years ago. So I’ve been cramming to get my Weebly website up and looking okay. It’s a really easy site to use, walks you through everything. But I’ve also been trying to enjoy the last bit of summer we’re going to get up here in the PNW.

I played my guitar for a few minutes today, which was fun. I’ve been thinking for a while that there are hardly any female musicians performing kids songs around town, but lots of men. Sometimes I think about going out to hustle up some gigs. I’d have to learn a bunch of kids songs, though, and my lazy self always stops there.

A while back I made up a creative schedule for myself. I figured out how many times a year/month/day I want to put out X (blog post, album, story, comic strip), and how many hours I can set aside a week for creative work. I need to start following this schedule! I would like to do that tomorrow, which means going to bed now so I can get up and write on my memoir before the kids I watch show up for the day.

Buona sera!


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