Career Decisions

I am waiting to hear if I got a second interview with the nonprofit I last applied to. I’ve been distraught over the decision of whether to accept a secure job doing work I feel pretty good about, or plunging into full-time writing with no clients yet, but doing work I am thrilled about. I’ve decided that if I get a second interview, I’m going to interview the hell out of them and see if they can offer me a quality of life that will make up for the loss of writing hours.

What is making this decision so much harder is that I have a daughter who is almost three. On one hand, the responsible thing for me to do is take the secure job and focus on meeting my daughter’s needs. On the other hand, in her short life she has not yet known me as the happy person I truly am. I want her to grow up with a happy, thriving mother if she can. Plus, the freelance writing has the potential to earn me lots more money than the nonprofit jobs I currently qualify for, so there’s that.

I should know by next week if I’ve got a second interview. I kind of hope they don’t call me back, just so I won’t have to make this decision! In the meantime, I do have one client I am currently working with. I did some writing and consulting work to help him improve his real estate website ($100, cheap!), and he wants to use me for a second writing project.

I want to share all of the information I’m turning to, and what I’m learning on this road to freelance, but I’m holding off until I’m really on it. Until then, I am loving the book The Well Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman.